Terms and Conditions

References to “we“, “us” or “our” in these terms and conditions are references to the Democritus University of Thrace – Kavala Campus. References to “you” or “your” in these terms and conditions are references to the Applicant.

The International Summer School on Bioinspired molecules and materials for medicinal  applications and sustainability (Bio3Ms) is offered by the Chemical Department of the Democritus University of Thrace(DUTH) – Kavala Campus. Before completing the application form for admission into Bio3Ms, it is important that you carefully read the following terms and conditions which are applicable to the whole summer school Programme. These terms and conditions apply to the enrolment of applicants on Summer School courses and the provision of the courses by DUTH– Kavala Campus. Both parties, DUTH– Kavala Campus and applicants, are bound by these terms and conditions upon acceptance by DUTH– Kavala Campus of an application for such enrolment. Care has been taken in the preparation of the programme; however, DUTH– Kavala Campus reserves the right to alter the content of courses, day trips or social events due to unforeseen circumstances.

1. Entry requirements

You are eligible if you:

  • Are students (undergraduate or postgraduate), graduate, researcher, PhD candidate, academic or professional.
  • Can attend courses in English language.

2. Application process

Application deadline is 5 June 2024.

2.1 Applications for enrolment on summer school must be made using the online application form. Your application will not be considered if you do not provide all supporting evidence requested during the application process. By submitting the application form the participant declares to have received these regulations and in addition declares himself/herself in agreement with its contents.

2.2 As soon as the application form is submitted, the participant will receive a confirmation email from the Bio3Ms Secretary acknowledging receipt of the application.

2.3 Afterwards, your application will be examined in full in accordance with Clause 1 and you will be informed by email on behalf of the Bio3Ms Organizing Committee whether your application was accepted or rejected. In case the application of the participant has been accepted by the Bio3Ms Organizing Committee, the applicant ought to pay within 20 days at least the booking deposit as provided in Clause 4. Once we have received payment of your Fees (see Clause 4) in full, your registration will be valid.

2.4 All fees must be paid in full no later than the application deadline. If not, the registration will be canceled and the place will be given to another participant.

3. Admissions

3.1 When you accept an offer of a place in the Summer School Programme, by paying the fees, you enter into a legally-binding contract with us. This contract requires you to abide by these terms and conditions, as well as any of our rules and regulations and academic requirements that are relevant to your Programme.

3.2 Your acceptance of the offer of a place on the Programme will indicate to us that you have sufficient funds to cover your living expenses for the duration of the Programme. As the contracting party, we will hold you liable for your Fees and any other fees which you may owe us.

3.3 We reserve the right to withdraw any offer that we have made to you, or terminate the contract you have accepted, if it becomes apparent that your application is inaccurate or incomplete.

4. Payment and fees

4.1 All payments must be made in Euros (€) by the applicant or on the applicant’s behalf to DUTH– Kavala Campus (beneficiary: Special Account of Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH)).

4.2 All payments shall be made by bank transfer only to:
Bank name: Piraeus Bank
IBAN: GR71 0172 3520 0053 5204 5052 151
Beneficiary: Special Account of Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH)

4.3 The deposit receipts should be scanned and sent to the Programme’s Secretariat via email.

4.4 Please note that you are responsible for all fees associated with International Bank transfer of funds. The Summer School is not responsible for any bank charges incurred in the transfer of fees. All bank charges, including those incurred overseas and in Greece, are the responsibility of the person making the payment.

4.5 Once the application form has been accepted, the applicant will be informed by email and he/she has the choice to pay within 7 days either a non-refundable booking deposit of 200 € or the fees in full.

4.6 All fees must be paid in full no later than application deadlines. The registration is considered as complete when payment is made in full.

4.7 Once DUTH– Kavala Campus has received payment of your Fees in full, you will receive a confirmation of your valid registration on the Programme via email.

4.8 Fees include welcome cocktail, course attendance, snacks/coffee break, meals at DUTH– Kavala Campus and closing social dinner.

5. Cancellation policy

5.1 You have the right to cancel your enrollment with us within a seven (7) day cancellation period, which will start on the day that we receive payment in full of your fees. To cancel your enrollment, you must clearly inform us by email of your decision to cancel before the cancellation period has expired. If the cancellation period would normally end on a day which is a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, the cancellation period will be extended so that it ends on our next working day.

5.2 No refund of the booking deposit paid under Clause 4 will be made under any circumstances.

5.3 If you cancel your enrollment within the 7-day cancellation period, we will reimburse seventy per cent (70%) of your fees (excluding booking deposit) received from you as soon as possible.

5.4 There is no refund after the end of the cancellation period.

5.5 All refunds are made in Euros and we cannot refund any differences due to exchange rate fluctuations or any bank charges incurred.

6. Visa

6.1 The applicant is strongly advised to ensure that he/she has an appropriate visa for study in Greece covering the Programme dates and that he/she can comply with all other Greece entry and residence requirements before payment of any fees to DUTH– Kavala Campus as under no circumstances will any refund be made on grounds of lack of visa or similar travel documents required to enter the Greece legitimately, save in accordance with the cancellation provisions set out in Clause 5.

6.2 The applicant ought to check the Visa obligations by country when visiting Greece, by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once DUTH– Kavala Campus has received payment of your fees in full, you will receive a confirmation of your booking on the Programme via email and a Short Term Study Visa letter will be provided, upon your request.

6.3 The applicant shall comply fully with the immigration laws of Greece when entering Greece for a course of study.

7. Language

All classes will be taught in English. Please note that all Bio3Ms students are expected to possess academic-level skills in English.

8. Insurance

The Bio3Ms standard fees comprise no insurance of any kind. Each participant is personally responsible for insuring themselves appropriately (e.g. regarding health, accident, personal liability, etc). Consequently, DUTH– Kavala Campus recommends that you investigate personal insurance coverage, particularly in respect of your personal possessions and medical expenses.


9. Copyright

Democritus University of Thrace – Kavala Campus and our instructors retain full copyright regarding all materials distributed among participants. All materials or contents thereof may not be copied, sold, or used for third parties without explicit prior approval by the DUTH– Kavala Campus and/or the individual instructor. Each participant receives all documentation and materials only for personal use.


10. Privacy policy

Each participant agrees to the storage and use of personal data for the fulfillment of the agreement of participation within the framework of the legal provisions of the Greek Data Protection Act. Participants’ personal data is not made available to third parties.


11. Place of jurisdiction

The laws of Greece shall apply to these terms and conditions, and the parties agree to Kavala (Greece) as the place of jurisdiction.