Target Group

The Bio3Ms summer school has been developed for those with interest in bio-inspired materials for medicinal and environmental applications.

Furthermore, the program is designed for those who intend to pursue an academic or a professional career related to the design and synthesis of bio-inspired polymers and hybrid materials with modern medicinal and environmental applications.

This course intends to equip students or graduates, technicians as well as researchers who wish to get a comprehensive introduction to hybrid biomaterials focused in their use in medicine and in current environmental issues.

The focus will be about the state-of-the-art technologies in the development of high value medicinal products and skills related to advance treatment techniques of water, soil and air.

Apart from the theoretical part, the workshop is ideal for everyone who is already working in this field and needs to deepen their knowledge about new developments, industrial status, and market perspectives. Participants in the summer school will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities and gain practical experience in the field. This will allow them to apply their theoretical knowledge and enhance their skills in a real-world setting.

Additionally, the diverse backgrounds of the participants will create a rich learning environment, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among professionals from various sectors.

By completing the Program, students are granted 7 ECTS points.

These points can be transferred to their home universities or used towards their academic progress at DUTH. Additionally, the program offers networking opportunities with professionals and experts in the field, allowing students to expand their professional connections and gain valuable insights into the industry and research.

Overall, the program will include lectures, workshops, and hands-on practical sessions conducted by renowned experts in the field. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and network with professionals.